LocationKit Is Here

At SocialRadar we believe that location means much more than just a latitude/longitude, it means the ability for app developers to provide personalized experiences. We also think that it should be easy to harness. So we have built a simple platform for developers to incorporate advanced location services into their applications without prior location experience.

And today, I am excited to announce that technology – LocationKit – is available for download at no cost.

LocationKit is an advanced location manager that provides app developers with the first improved replacement for iOS location services. By using LocationKit, developers gain access to higher accuracy location, lower battery drain, automatic venue recognition and detailed location analytics. For an overview of all LocationKit has to offer, check out our website.

LKCroppedWe’ve had LocationKit in private beta for a few months now and we launched it initially at AppsWorld North America. To date over a hundred developers have expressed interest in using our SDK to improve their applications. By making the platform publicly available we’re hoping to reach the millions of developers looking for a progressive alternative to iOS location services.

Today’s LocationKit release offers:

Over the next few weeks we will come out with a series of blog posts further detailing and quantifying each of these claims.

And we’re launching LocationKit alongside our Developer Dashboard , Community , and Documentation  so you can get started right away with better location and insights about your users.

Download the FREE LocationKit SDK at locationkit.io.

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I wrote this in my capacity as VP of Engineering at SocialRadar and it has been cross-posted on the LocationKit website


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